Why we cut cords

Why we cut cords

Cord cutting is a meditational practice to sever the cord between you and any outside energies that may have attached themselves to you. If you've ever been in a close relationship, whether it be friendship, lover, co-worker, parent, sibling. Cord cutting is 9 times out of 10 something you should practice frequently. It's of no fault to anyone else it's just as humans we struggle with boundaries and energy can stick onto us. A lot of the time we are unaware that these outside energies have attached themselves to us but some key signs to look for are : situations bothering us that normally wouldn't, manifestations taking longer than usual, self doubt, or even just acting out of character or even acting like this person would. 


My first experience with cord cutting was after a profound hypnosis session. In the session I realized a lie a person told me " you will never be loved" "no one could ever love you" was the cord binding me to an ex. I am a strong woman, with a strong mind but i found myself being dropped to my knees every time my ex would call me a name, or argue with me. My hypnotherapist explained to me that it was because he had access to my energy & I needed to cut the cord. I had never heard of anything like this in my entire life, but I am an open minded person so I gave it a shot. She walked me through how to identify where the cord was, what it looked like, and how to remove and destroy. Almost immediately after this practice I found that I really could careless what he said to me or called me, because I knew my truth. I am not those things and I like everyone else am lovable and because I love myself.


Through the years I have implemented cord cutting into my teachings. Cutting cords can be almost instant gratification when it comes to feeling better. Feeling good is magnetic and magnets attract everything we want in our life. Cutting the cords is like removing anything blocking your blessings. I have seen people who say " I don't need to cord cut" cut cords and boom they identify an outside energy cut the cord and they're closing deals, and feeling better almost the next day.


To cut cords you are going to get into a meditative pose, either sitting or laying comfortably. You will then acknowledge every piece of your body from your toes all the way to the tip of your head, take three deep breaths and think of the people in your life who you think may have attached their energy to you. Next step is to feel where in your body the energy has connected itself to you, to do this you will think of the person and feel where they are in your body. From here you will need to visualize what the cord looks like,  could be a rope, chain, an electrical cord. Your intuition will tell you what it looks like. After identifying what type of cord it is you will need to choose a tool to cut it with, chainsaw, scissors, torch, you choose. After you remove the cord you will need to destroy it, light it on fire, bury it etc. The last step is drawing a figure 8 on your body where the cord was removed & repeat this process with anyone else who may be connected to you.





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