Deliberately Creating Your Best Life

Deliberately Creating Your Best Life

We are manifesting everyday, with every word we speak, and every thought we think. Our energy sends a vibration into the Universe which then attracts our reality as we know it.

We do and undo most of our thoughts daily which is why some of our thoughts don't become our reality. Like when we momentarily think "fuck let me just quit this job" Our vibration is what keeps us in the reality, when we realize well I kinda need this job and there the manifestation is undone.

What most of us need to work on is, manifesting deliberately. What I mean by that is knowing that our thoughts and vibrations are our reality and create our reality. And we aren't undoing everything we are trying to do with negative thoughts of doubt, fear and anxiety. Sounds easy enough right? Until your mind is going 55 miles an hour thinking about how impossible it all seems LOL.

How then do we shut our FUCKING minds up ?? There are a couple of ways we can do this and most people hate it when you say meditate. I never hear more excuses as I do when I tell people to meditate.  Second is become highly aware of the thoughts you are thinking. If you can do this you can lucid think.. what I mean by that is to catch yourself before you start thinking thoughts that don't serve you. Counting your blessings in the middle of a bad thought is the simplest way to do this. When you hear yourself going into anxiety, doubt and fear recognize how blessed you are. It's just like Peter Pan when he told Wendy the secret to flying is thinking good thoughts. Third, we write it down, and send it out into the Universe. This is like pigeon mail so be forewarned... takes just as long, but is tried and true when combined with the other two methods.


Once we master creating our reality deliberately, we then need to understand how the law of attraction works. The law of attraction works in five steps. Step 1 is recognizing that we want more or different. Step 2 is deciding what is we want. Step 3 is sending what we want out into the universe like a rocket. Step 4 is waiting and trusting (the hardest part) Step 5 is getting what we want, which leads you back to step 1 asking for more.


So recognize that you are a deliberate creator of your own reality. Decide your reality, send it out on a rocket launcher, wait for it, Receive it. ASK AGAIN.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk LOL



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